Profile VT Assessment

For my VT groups profile interview, we chose to focus on Rosie O’Regan, a film student at London South Bank University. During her spare time, Rosie likes to make her own music, DJ at the University Student Union and do gardening in her student accommodation.

We thought that she would be an interesting character to profile for a target audience of other university attendees, as she breaks the mould of what many would consider a British student to be like. Before we went to her student accommodation to film the VT, we ensured that we had told Rosie everything that she would need to know of what we were wanting to do with the footage, and she was very enthusiastic about it too.

Georgie and I went to Rosie’s home to do the filming, and as well as filming a sit-down interview, we got a lot of extra bits to include in the VT as ‘B Roll’ shots; these included her producing a track from the beginning, talking us through the different plants in her allotment and a short clip of her DJ’ing in the Student Union (filmed a few days prior to shooting the VT). Once we got all the filming finished we sent it over to Alessia, who put it together.

From feedback from Rebecca and other students in the class, we learnt that to improve future profile style VT’s, we (as an interviewer) should not be featured on the camera, because it is not a news story – nor is it about the person that is interviewing. We also were told that it would have been better had we asked Rosie the questions but clipped it out, making it more of a direct to camera conversation featuring just Rosie.