Bossman Bites: Jennys Burgers (Elephant and Castle)

In a world where food reviews are just snobby white men in posh gentrified restaurants follow me as I go back to basics visiting takeaways and chicken shops all over London to see the very best the city has to offer. Reviewing places, you’ll actually go this is...
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tfl london bus
Londoners choosing to take the bus have recently been hearing a new announcement warning them when the bus is about to move …. Once the bus is already moving, understandably this has caused some frustration amongst passengers. The announcements are part of a month-long trial being run by...
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Meet the Reverant Peter Stephenson

  Leading a diverse congregation and an even more diverse community in a time when people are becoming increasingly less engaged with religion and indeed each other, Reverent Peter Stephenson, minister of Crossway united reform church (URC) is clearly doing something right.   Despite now preaching to a...
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Is the end in sight for the E&C?

E&C centre
The Elephant and castle shopping centre stands tall in the middle of Southwark, or at least it does for now. Having had better days and now falling into disrepair controversial plans to demolish the centre all together have been met with fierce resistance from residents. These plans are...
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Charles Manson dies aged 83

Charles manson
The CDCR (California department of corrections and rehabilitation) released a statement announcing the death of Charles Manson aged 83 at 8:13 pm on Sunday at Kern County Hospital, California. Manson was the leader of a cult who committed a series of murders in 1969, although Manson himself never...
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NIBs November 15th 2017

Design award for local Church. Crossway United Reform Church has been shortlisted for the national church trusts presidents award. Crossway was demolished and rebuilt after the estate it’s on was delveloped by the council. The church which now sits just off the walworth road was desgined by Van...
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Russel Boyce

Russel Boyce is a photographer working for Reuters news agency for over twenty years the job has seen him work as far away as South Africa working as a crime reporter to his current job being the Africa and Middle East editor. Reuters is arguably one of the...
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Uses of twitter

Contacting people – Tweeting or private messeging people is a quick and simple way to connect with people. Search tool – can use it to search for topical infomation and events that are unfolding. Promotion – posting links to your own and others content. Creating an online profile...
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