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Notes 2 Courts

Courts and Court Reporting


Separation of powers


The executive (The government)

The Legislature (The parliament)

The Judiciary (The Courts)


Presumption of innocence


Common Law V Civil Law



Reporting restrictions

Reporting restrictions differ for each case and can be lifted and changed by the judge

No photo, video, sketching, or audio recording inside the court

No live report through social media

No reference to defendant’s previous convictions

Nothing that may create prejudice

No identifications of jury members

No identifications of anyone under 17 years old

No identifications of victims of sexual assault or human trafficking offences or revenge porn




Contempt of court


Do not imply that the defendant is the sort of person likely to commit a crime

Do not vilify a suspect to a point witnesses are scared to testify

Do not seek or publish the jury’s discussion 

Do not interview or offer payment to a witness before or during a trial

Do not publish material in breach of court order