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Notes 4 profiling

For this exercise we had to profile another member of the class

Louis Guy chant


Basildon – Essex

Electronic Music blogger

Interest in fashion specifically streetwear

Daft punks second album was a favourite of his mother so he grew up listening to that and stuck to the genre of French house but in recent years has branched out to listen to artists such as frank Ocean.

Began posting music to reddit and connected with a guy who was starting an electronic music website and since then has written about 500 blogs and articles for the French shuffle and has interviewed the likes of machine drum, Peking duck and IGLOOGHOST.

Music sparked his interest in streetwear many of the artists he listens to wear brands such as palace, supreme and comme des garcons.



Louis chant age 18 from the town of Basildon in Essex is a journalism student and part time music blogger for electronic music review site The French Shuffle. As with most people’s music tastes Louis’s came from his parents “my mum had a daft punk album she would listen to on repeat so this really got me into it” from here he began listening to artists such as justice.

His blog that has had him interview famous artists such as Peking duck, Machine drum and IGLOOGHOST had humble beginnings “I was just posting links to music on reddit when a guy contacted me about a site he was started asking if I’d like to write one article a week for his site” that one article a week has turned into over 500 blog posts for the French shuffle a fast-growing electronic music site.