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Notes 6 Boris Johson body language

Boris Johnson is widely known for his bumbling fool appearance and humorous attitude to even the most serious of situations. In a 2016 press conference with John Kerry is no different laughing his way through tough questions and avoiding the obvious awkwardness in the room due to previous comments made by Johnson before becoming home secretary.

The first question asked to Johnson sets the tone of the conference when he his asked if he would like to retract certain comments he has made in the past that may have upset world leaders. Johnson looks obviously awkward when this question is asked and laughs nervously before giving the usual generic politicians answer while still visibly uncomfortable.

When asked further questions on negative comments he had made about Hillary Clinton who at the time was in the race for presidency he hangs his head before giving another longwinded question avoiding answer

In conclusion Boris Johnson’s body language shows that he is Cleary uncomfortable with the host of awkward questions being thrown at him.