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Million Mask March London 2017

The Million mask March is an annual protest held in hundreds of cities all round the world each year on November the 5th organised by the notorious group anonymous.

Anonymous stand for anti-corruption and are against online freedoms being taken away from people, the march is held on November 5th the anniversary of the guy Fawkes plot to blow up parliament and protesters often wear guy Fawkes masks.

I attended the protest armed with a flag reading peace love and happiness and a banner that simply read “Tax the rich, Love the poor”. As the protest began we marched as a group toward downing street from Trafalgar square where we had gathered. The interesting thing about anonymous is there are no leaders, their protests are often compared to a flock of birds moving as a group, but one individual can dramatically change the whole direction of the group.

Once we had moved past downing street and shouted our way across parliament square things began to get slightly more dramatic, as we encountered our first police line of the night fireworks where fired and several arrests were made.  

Once this calmed down we moved back towards Trafalgar square before moving on towards china town, at this point you should note that there was a designated protest area in place for that evening and china town was not in that area.

As the group began to become wilder and the general attitude became a lot angrier the police started to kettle groups of people into separate areas, this is where my night took an unfortunate turn for the worse.

Around 50 police officers surrounded a group of about 10 protesters including myself at the end of Chinatowns Wardour street. For half an hour or so we were told this was to prevent further breach of the peace, however once officers began dragging protesters out and arresting them it became clear I was in a bit of a sticky situation to say the least.

So, at 21:05 on Sunday November 5th I was placed under arrest under the public order act sections 12 and 14 I had my possessions placed in a clear plastic bag and my banner and flag in another. Due to the high numbers of arrests that night the group of us arrested in china town had to wait for two hours before we were transported to Brixton police station.

Once I arrived my details were taken, and I was placed into a cell, after around an hour and a half I had my DNA, Finger prints, and photos taken and after a further hour or so with a rather foul vegetarian chilli in-between I was released under investigation.

Its wasn’t the best night of my life but it certainly makes for an interesting story and has made sure that I’m going to read the police guidelines for next year’s march a little closer.