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Russel Boyce

Russel Boyce is a photographer working for Reuters news agency for over twenty years the job has seen him work as far away as South Africa working as a crime reporter to his current job being the Africa and Middle East editor.
Reuters is arguably one of the biggest news agency’s with around 600 photographers and processing over 2000 photos every day. Despite being so large they still operate on the code of practice written by the trust in 1941. The code of practice relays their commitment to remaining independent and unbiased, and that no effort shall be spared in adapting to modern news services to remain the leading news agency.
Russel was part of a team at Reuters that defiantly took note of the commitment to adapting to modern news services when they created a service called the wider image. The wider image is an online service and app where pictures are used alongside snippets of information to tell whole stories. This service helps to rapidly develop talent within the news agency and at the same time provides them with further outreach.
Although Reuters are committed to utilising technology they still remain ethical with a whole series of guidelines on photoshop meaning they not add or delete anything from an image and not manipulate in such a way that the effect on a viewer will be changed.
In conclusion Russel Boyce is a pioneering photographer working for a leading and pioneering news agency that are likely to continue adapting and changing as technology becomes more advanced and allows them to connect with a wider audience.