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Charles Manson dies aged 83

The CDCR (California department of corrections and rehabilitation) released a statement announcing the death of Charles Manson aged 83 at 8:13 pm on Sunday at Kern County Hospital, California.

Manson was the leader of a cult who committed a series of murders in 1969, although Manson himself never committed a murder he was imprisoned for controlling and directing the group who did. Originally sentenced to death when admitted to Los Angeles state prison in 1971 this was changed to life in prison during 1977.

Manson was kept in a proactive unit designed for prisoners who would be unsafe if imprisoned with general inmates, On several occasions Manson had applied for parole but was not eligible for a fresh parole hearing until 2027.  

The CDCR stated that Manson had died of natural causes and had been admitted to Kern County earlier this month.      

Veiw the offical release here