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Prince Harry announces Engagement to actress Megan Markel.

In a statement released by the royal family earlier today it was announced that Prince Harry had become Engaged to actress Megan Markel known for her work in American tv drama Suits and various films including Horrible bosses and Remember me.

The wedding is set to take place in spring of 2018 although no official date has yet been set. Much to the misery of many a hopeful brit downing street have announced that no bank holiday is yet planned.

The couple became engaged earlier this month after its thought that Prince Harry asked for the blessing of Ms Markel’s parents. Since then the prince has told the queen and several other close members of his family.

Congratulations have come in from all around the globe has world leaders showed their respect to the royal couple. After the big day the couple will live together in Nottingham cottage at Kensington palace.

With the duchess of Cambridge expecting another baby in April and now the news of a royal wedding, spring of 2018 is going to be very busy for the Royals.