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Global warming, how to solve the problem that won’t go away.


As a new report from the IPCC (Intergovernmental panel on climate change) release new data showing that the next years are vitally important to slowing down climate change before we reach a disaster point. It feels however like we are being told this almost every week. But nothing really happens, sure the weather is more erratic than a few years ago but will turning a light off really change that?


Firstly, the thing to understand with global warming, climate change, and environmental conservation is that it’s a lot more than just turning off a light and getting a soggy straw cause its paper not plastic now. Its about changing the whole way of life for not just a society but for a growing population that have become used to using fossil fuels, more than that even, it’s a population of around 8 billion using almost entirely fossil fuels, to change this will be very difficult and take a lot of work.

But its not each individual person, sure people doing their own part helps and more people acting with a green environmental mind, ethos and outset would make a massive difference what would help the most is governments. Governments have the power to force change but often are too caught up with money to change environmental rules for the better.

Applying more environmentally friendly rules can be costly, the upfront costs of environmentally friendly energy or green energy cam be huge so its easy to see why the companies who produce energy aren’t rushing to install them and why the governments are wary of enforcing rules regarding green energy as they often want to stay in the good books and avoid upsetting the biggest companies and cooperation’s in the country.

The figures released by the IPCC show that the average global temperature could rise 1.5 degrees above preindustrial levels. Which would be enough to cause freak weather and melt the icecaps to a point that sea levels rise causing many coastal areas to completely flood. Environmentalists believe this could be reduced if green energy was used over fossil fuels Jon fuller a member of the green party and former South Essex Friends of the earth chairman thinks UK Governments have done to little and fears that now it could be to late. “ I blame both the Conservatives and the previous Labour administration. Too little has been done to promote renewable technologies for the last 30 years. the Conservatives should face heavy criticism for virtually banning new onshore wind power. Most people support wind power – 79% in fact. The Conservatives have also reduced the subsidies for solar PV while increasing subsidies for fossil fuel extraction. That Party must be described as grossly irresponsible and negligent.”

Regardless of what we are told will happen right now none of those things are happening, so it may seem to some like the scientists are crying wolf, Student Savhanna Skillern told us “we have been told for years that global warmings this big threat, but it just doesn’t seem to be following up on its threats”

So, in conclusion it seems that governments need to be more decisive and take more action, but scientists and organisations need to find more ways and better ways to make people listen, understand and engage with the facts.