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Sucsess amongst the doom and gloom of Brexit.

Last Year Harry Sims was selling vintage clothes online from his uni accommodation, now business is booming and one year on he has his own shop in central london and is a regular in the thrift shops of new york.

Listen to the history of hartex in harrys words here

News on brexit is rarely positive and often has a focus on the financial implications on businesses. But young entrepreneur Harry sims has bucked this trend defying the odds to become one of top faces on the london vintage scene. Although he certainly has a few enemies its his long list of friends and associates that he’s built up in a matter of months that’s impressive.  

Now holding popups in prime locations such as the sohoradio studios and reaching his market stalls out as far as manchester and more recently across the pond new york to say hartex has taken off is an understatement.

His story is quite remarkable a working class lad brought up by a single mum on the london essex borders his wealth and following is entirely self made and the result of hours, weeks and months of hard work early mornings and risk taking. In the process he’s been blocked by Mike Skinner, crossed paths with countless influencers and celebs and still found time for pie n mash down the walworth road a few times a week.

After the success of his depop led to him approaching Flat Iron Square and becoming a regular weekend trader at their flea market he was approached by the owners of Flat Iron to be a permanent shop holder at their new site Vinegar Yard just outside London Bridge station.

“It really is a mad feeling” says harry when asked how it feels to be standing in his own shop “it still feels unreal to say i have my own vintage shop i’m here doing what i love and its brilliant”

Don’t just take his word for it,the word on the street is very positive “this is where i am on payday getting a new jacket or a couple of tees what he’s done is impressive” Savhanna aged 18 tells us. “I’ve known Harry since the start and he’s a born salesman i’m not surprised he’s got this far” chris one of his friends informs us “this is just the start” adds another mate.

It’s clear that over time harry has changed along with his business but the 5am market trader is still inside him as we leave into the south london drizzle he’s gladly offering up a selection of waterproofs to us while his haggling over the price of a few caps with a fellow trader.


Viniger Yard – https://www.vinegaryard.london/

Hartex is open wednesday to sunday 12 till late – https://www.instagram.com/hartexgram/