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Bossman bites – Morley’s east street

  In a world where food reviews are just snobby white men in posh gentrified restaurants follow me as I go back to basics visiting takeaways and chicken shops all over London to see the very best the city has to offer. Reviewing places, you’ll actually go, this...
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tfl london bus
Londoners choosing to take the bus have recently been hearing a new announcement warning them when the bus is about to move …. Once the bus is already moving, understandably this has caused some frustration amongst passengers. The announcements are part of a month-long trial being run by...
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Million Mask March London 2017

The Million mask March is an annual protest held in hundreds of cities all round the world each year on November the 5th organised by the notorious group anonymous. Anonymous stand for anti-corruption and are against online freedoms being taken away from people, the march is held on...
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London eye Lights up for Diwalli 2017

London eye lights up for Diwali
Last night people all around the world began to celebrate the festival of Diwali and for Londoners this was no different as the London eye was lit up for the Hindu festivial of light. Diwali celebrates reflection, forgiveness knowledge and love over evil .With the theme of love...
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The artistic voice of prisoners released by Antony Gormley

A Chilling model placed at the start of the gallery
Prisons are dull places, a grey depressive environment in an institution intended for rehabilitation, Antony Gormley’s curation of the Koestler trusts “Inside” an annual exhibition at the Southbank centre Is an attempt to add some colour to the grey and some light to the dullness. Artworks include models, poems...
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