Art exhibition at the Southbank Centre encourages ‘art for rehab’ in UK prisons.

Entrance to the Another Me exhibition.

Koestler Arts, a charity which helps rehabilitate convicts through art therapy, are on display at the Southbank Centre.

The curation is produced by the charity Koestler Arts and aims ‘to unlock the talent inside’.

Katie Morrison, a host at the Southbank Centre.

Entrance to the Another Me exhibition.

The curator, Soweto Kinch set three divisions; Stained Glass Superman, Disco Dogs and That Was Then, This Is Now which are based on his own music.

The artwork blends with Kinch’s own music and will be heard echoing around the lower floor of the centre.

72-year-old Dawn, said that it was the ‘interesting colours and peculiar expression’ that caught her eye.

The display is partnered with HM Prisons and offers guided tours with ex-prisoners.

A host at the venue, Katie Morrison, believes that the charity ‘encourages art for rehab’.

The Another Me exhibition can be found at the Southbank Centre from the 19th of September until the 3rd of November.

By Morgan Fotheringham.


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