Remembering this Sunday.

An abundance of poppies that can be found in reception.

Remembrance Sunday is a day of reflection and having pride in our nation.

The Imperial War Museum is a hub for remembrance in November, upon entering the building the first thing found is a charity stand decorated in poppy memorabilia.

The Imperial War Museum is the perfect place to spend Remembrance Sunday as the atmosphere is calm it allows you to reflect on those who fought for their lives.

The Sunday service gives visitors space and “time to think about the situation in case it happens again”, Emma, 20 states.

The museum works with the British Legion Poppy Appeal by selling poppy memorabilia all year to help and raise money for those impacted by conflict.

One of the silk poppies that was found in World War One.

Hand-made poppies for sale for charity.

A museum host, Emma states: “poppies are always in the shop, they might be the best-selling item”.

The Imperial War Museum is home to exhibitions on World War One and Two, terrorism events and a hidden floor dedicated to the Holocaust.

Littered throughout the

building historic poppies can be found like “the silk poppy found in World War One”.

The celebration of remembrance will be a “two-minute silence will be happening as us here at the museum need to reflect on the hard times”.

By Morgan Fotheringham


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Morgan Fotheringham
Student journalist as London South Bank University.