All Hail Our King, Timothée Chalamet.

Moments before Timothée came over to us.
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Waiting Game.

5:30am on a Thursday morning is not how the typical day begins, but this was not a typical day.

It was a day that teenage girls had waited on for months, since the star had been announced in mid-August.

There were hundreds of rushing girls heading to Leicester Square to claim their space in the queue to wait for the chance to meet the teen heart throb; Timothée Chalamet.

The 23-year-old actor came to fame in early 2017 when the independent film; Call Me By Your Name captured the heart of many young girls as it travels back to the 1980s in Northern Italian.

All Hail The King.

The indie film shows a young gay couple who fight to hide their love for one another until it is too hard to resist.

Teenagers on Twitter took a certain love for the film and helped to boost Timothée to stardom.

Waiting around in Leicester Square for a glimpse of the young man was a tiring day to say the least, being sat in a numbered queue from 6am until 4pm until the red carpet was finally open for business.

The premiere was in celebration of the 2019 London Film Festival and the UK premiere for the Netflix film, The King.

After securing barrier at the red carpet the waiting game continued and a couple of card games later and the star of the show arrived.

But it was far from over yet…

The Star of the Show.

Moments before Timothée came over to us.

Finally it was 5:45pm and Timothée had arrived, flashes started appearing from the start of the carpet and glimmers of black sequins could be seen through the busy strip of red.

The star wore a limited edition Louis Vuitton Swarovski sequined hoodie to the carpet, captivating the eye of everybody there.

A member of security mumbled to his colleague “yeah that jacket is insane”, and the climax was brewing as our eyes were on the young actor.


He walked the carpet and greeted everybody in sight with a smile and the occasional peace sign.

We watched from afar and patiently stood to the side allowing everybody to have their special moment with him.

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