Film festival Review

I recently went to a film festival where a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Othello was shown. I had never seen the film and was genuinely excited by it due to the fact I love the original story. The film was mostly made up of the original plot which summed up is about a successful black male who causes a lot of jealousy within his community but specially one man who sets out to destroy his success by using his manipulation skills to deceive those around him. The ending is not a happy one which is very common in Shakespearian tragedies and has also always intrigued me because of the bigger impact and dramatic effect it has. The movie revolves mostly around the emotions love , hate & jealousy which are emotions that one feels on a day to day basis so it establishes a connection between the audience and the characters.

This adaptation of the film was set mainly in a school with the protagonists being very young . As a teen in the audience I felt like I could definitely relate. The film created many debates about many different topics. One topic that came up frequently was interracial relationships , this is something that many people agree and disagree on till this day. I personally feel like the film does portray a young black man with a white women in a negative way.

There is a rape scene in the film which could also be argued to be way to controversial to even be shown but in this rape scene it shows the “scary black guy” over powering the defenceless white woman & this one of the scenes amongst the many others where this is displayed. I feel like this does have an impact on whoever is watching the film, I mean who wants to be seen like or feel like a victim?. But one could argue that it doesn’t make sense to accuse a film of where an interracial couple is the main focus to be racially unfair. During the discussion at the end of the film many ideas were thrown back and forth and I loved the idea of hearing so many opinions and thinking about whether I agreed or disagreed.

It was altogether a very exciting experience and made me realise I could have a secret passion for film and writing about it .