Social media and fake news

The spread of fake news through social media is very obvious. Social media has many platforms where it is so quick to share and spread news so it becomes very easy to create biased and sometimes fake news. Fake news and biased news are two very different things. Someone writing or sharing an article or any form of news through a certain point of view to the point where they would change a few parts would be considered biased news. Fake news is news that is complete lie. Propaganda and fake news become very close together.

I personally am of the view that social media is not responsible for fake news as whole. Social media does not promote fake news and should not necessarily take the blame for people reading and believing fake news. In the 21st century us as readers should be cautious aware of what we are reading online and should be able to take action to know whether we are reading fake news or not. There are many verification methods such as checking if it the original piece of content , the source of the content like who uploaded it , the date of when the content was created and even google image search when it comes to visuals. A good way is to start with thinking if it makes sense and trust your instincts.