Virtual Reality and storytelling.

Virtual reality is something that has been around for a very long time now and different corporations are beginning to use it more and more. It has been introduced to news sharing and story telling and is continuing to upgrade. Documentaries are being introduced to the 360 world and some are pleased but others not so much.

Watching a documentary or news report in a 360 version or vr version can give the viewer a sense of control. It also creates a sense of empathy as we feel like we are really present. This could be extremely emotional when it comes to a war zone or any other upsetting piece of news. Feeling said empathy can be a positive thing because it would be a reality check to many to feel like they are being put in that position however some that are already reluctant to watching the news because of how distressing it can be might find it to much and begin to stop watching the news completely.

The concept of watching a news story in 360 could also be very confusing and distracting as viewers with short attention span could want to explore each and every area of the screen that they can and as a result not take in the actual piece of news being shown. Altogether it is a good idea that has some flaws and it all depends on each individual.