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‘Professionalism with a touch of creativity.’

 Welcome to the perfect place for professionalism with a touch of creativity. A place with opinion based posts but also posts on current affairs and what is going on today in the world.

About The Unicorns Audience.

A blog for individuals with an interest in news, reviews and points of views. Open minded people that enjoy staying up to date with the latest news.

About Maria

This is Maria Francisco’s website. She is an 18 year old student at London South Bank University studying Journalism. Has an interest in reviews and giving her opinion on current affairs. Extremely passionate towards debating. Uses this blog and her highly followed social media platforms to broadcast her views. She has a number 1 snapper badge on snapchat as a result of this. As if this wasn’t enough she uses her spare time to research crime-related an investigative articles as this is another one of her passions.