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Elephant and castle shopping centre ‘days are numbered’.

 Walworth is an extremely busy place. Elephant and castle shopping centre is not easy to miss. with small shacks selling the cheapest products outside to the cafes and restaurants on the inside. Elephant and castle is a a post-war building that opened in 1965. Because of it’s low health inspection ratings and not so appealing sight, the southwark council has stated that it is going to be pushed to demolition. The demolition was originally going to be in 2016 with a new construction planned for 2018 but is now planned to be demolished in 2019.  The council is expected to provide a relocation fund to help the small centre traders. They have also said that they will be providing a a number of new retail units that people will maybe re-locate to.

The reaction from the public has been very diverse when it comes to this. Some are thrilled an think that it is a long time coming however others that have been around the centre for so long think that the area will not be the same without it. There are people that have children that were born and raised in the area and that frequently visit the shopping centre and besides its unappealing aspect its part of peoples lives.Many will be affected with this action , from the people running the small businesses around and in the actual shopping centre to the local buyers in the area. Patria Roman is a woman that is part of a charity in elephant and castle called the Latin Elephant and she is trying to fight for the people that are going to be affected.

Overall It is an action that is going to be carried out regardless and now all there is to is wait for the aftermath.