Protesters Shut Down Westminster in Extinction Rebellion Protest

Protester take over Trafalgar Square.

Protesters took to the streets and blocked roads as part of the Extinction Rebellion protest which took place nationwide.

The protest took place in Westminster and is expected to last for up to two weeks, as protesters pile pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to act over climate change. 

Protesters have called on the government to set up a National Citizens Assembly, which the government would abide by, by the decisions that are taken at the assembly. 

Extinction Rebellion has also called for the government to declare a climate and ecological emergency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, which alongside creating National Citizens Assembly makes up their ‘three demands.’

The protest have been widely criticised for blocking roads and stopping some emergency services in the process. One police officer said ‘it was an inconvenience’. 

On the contrary, one protester said ‘it was important to keep blocking roads and even get arrested.’ When asked how she planned to achieve her goal.

A petition calling for the Prime Minister to address the protest was also at the centre of attention, as people gathered to sign and plead with the Prime Minister to make an unlikely appearance. 

Earlier this year, the Extinction Rebellion protest were at the centre of attention, after a man was unable to see his father for the last time before he died because of protesters blocking the streets which led to the hospital. 

Protest are planned to continue unless the government acts, as demonstrators see this as their way of holding the government to account over climate change.