Barbershop launches Movember competition

A barbershop has launched a new competition to raise money for men’s health charities in November. 

The event has been called ‘Movember’, all competitors will grow a moustache for November. 

All contestants must continue to groom their moustache throughout November, they’re strictly not allowed to shave them off for the whole month. 

The competition will take place Bermondsey based Castro’s Barbershop, all competitors will have to arrive on 31 October for the shave off and come back on 31 November to be judged. 

Uppercut Deluxe said that they were: “Stoked to be supporting Castro’s barbershop with its Movember event ‘Bigote Boom Boom’. Castro’s is an amazing barbershop and with this event they are supporting a cause close to everyone’s heart at Uppercut Deluxe. Castro’s are doing a great job at putting the spotlight on Men’s Health and proving that the barbershop environment can be on the frontline of the fight.”

This has been set up as a fun way to raise money for various men’s health projects including testicular cancer, mental health, suicide prevention and prostate cancer. 

The one lucky winner will receive a free goody bag of deluxe products, a litre of vermouth and a free haircut which comes with a luxurious wet shave from Castro’s Barbershop. 

The winner will be announced on the 30th November when all contestants will return to be judged by a judging panel. 

If you’re thinking about entering the competition, you can enter at: