A change of reputation at Millwall Football Club

Community Trust works with Millwall to help change their reputation
The Community Trust has worked hard to curve Millwall’s reputation

Millwall Football Club has long been renowned for violence and hooliganism, but the Lions are now looking to change their reputation. 

In 2017, the football club won family club of the year for the first time, following the introduction of ‘Zampa’s family stand’, which has helped to attract the next generation of supporters. 

The club was also one of 63 clubs to have been recognised for Family Excellence status at the start of the 2018/19 campaign. 

“We place a strong focus on what is on offer to families who attend matches at The Den,” Billy Taylor, Communications Director, said.

“There is so much more to coming to The Den than just 90 minutes of football. It’s about ensuring people of all ages can enjoy different goings-on outside and inside the stadium before a game even kicks-off.”

Millwall Football Club

Millwall is now a place where everyone is welcome

The club has worked continuously with the local community, with people of all ages to engage with different projects. 

A spokesperson for the club said, “The Millwall Community Trust do a tremendous job in achieving that. Their various programmes include soccer schools for young children, education and employment courses for teenagers and adults, projects for those battling mental health issues and walking football for the elderly. Those are just a few examples of everything the Trust oversees.” 

It is now important for the club to sustain the recent success, as they hope to keep the outstanding support the team has received in recent years.