Extinction Rebellion protests bring London to a standstill

Could We Become The Next Dinosaur Generation?

With the lack of attention and demand for a global climate emergency, could we be facing the second worldwide extinction of species.

This September the Extinction Rebellion (XR) Protests caused havoc on the streets of London, causing the half the city to nearly shut down.

Extinction Rebellion is a non violent environmental action movement. 

The socio-political group has taken points from past protests, both successful and unsuccessful so that they can form effective and impactful protests. 

Many of the protesters wished to stay anonymous as they feel that their name would be tarnished in work and socially if their participation became known to the media.   

One woman said: “I’ve been involved in environmental issues for 30 years and all of our behind the scenes work has has no difference.”

“We are now 3o years on, we have no choice now but to act.”

  Two young young women part of XR who were using their voice to protest against carbon emission. 

One of the women said: “We are hoping the action of us protesting will act as a catalyst to make a change”

“Environmentalism has a history of being labelled as a hippy, tree hugging movement and is still labelled with the same tagline”

The second young woman argued that the majority of the public doesn’t believe in direct action which hinders society and then government to make changes. 

She said:”Having people in power who disparage against climate change, carbon emissions and spread their own thoughts in the papers and on the television, people who look at the news are going to listen.”

The inspirational commitment of the people involved with the movement was noticeable from anywhere.

But, the businesses surrounding the protests suffered hugely during the week long protest. 

Lambert Souvenirs, a small gift shop discussed how their store suffered at least a 50% loss in customers and in earning just in one day of the protest starting. 

The manager at Lambert Souvenirs, Ricky said: “I can stand up and agree with the cause but it is just inconvenient for me and the business.”


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