A Multi-Sensory Feast at the Theatre

(7th November 2019) 

A cinematic experience was elevated with a live orchestral performance to accompany it at Festival Hall tonight.

The harmonious pairing of William Walton’s original scores performed live with the masterful and technicolour rendition of Shakespeare’s Henry V, created an overwhelming night for the senses.

The live music was executed by the Philhamonia Orchestra and the Crouch End Festival Chorus and effectively were able to bring the out of date 1940s film up to the 21st century.

The introduction of turbulent percussion and forceful wind instruments drew the tiring audience’s attention to the ever-threatening scene of the Battle of Agincourt.  

Whilst at some points the orchestra disrupted the speech, it could be forgiven for the feeling of balance you got from listening.

The film was released in 1944 around the same time as allied countries like France were being invaded into during World War Two.

Laurence Olivier who played Henry V in this cinematic adaptation was able to draw parallels and dedicated the film to the soldiers fighting in the war.

The fusion of orchestral live scores and the 1940s propaganda film bought an audience of all ages to a hair raising and emotional finale. 

Published by Emma Fullalove

As a journalist I would like my work to convey conviction, power and integrity. I would to display a depth of understanding and knowledge whilst covering all points of research. I want my communication to be clear and concise when talking to people for research or within any articles that I write. I would hope to convey emotion and remain true to myself while also listening to the beliefs and opinions of others. I am going to be resilient and strong and know that any mistake or rejection i face is a learning point and to continue to push my stories to be shown and ultimately published.