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East Dulwich Picturehouse staff demand wage increase

Picturehouse staff on strikes outside Picturehouse Central

Employees begin a number of strikes in demand of London living wage and other basic rights. 

The strike period began a couple of days ago at the opening of the British Film Institute’s London Film Festival. The dispute over the living wage and other rights, including company sick pay, maternity, paternity and adoption pay, is a fight that has been ongoing for a number of years now.

Staff have announced plans to disrupt the London Film Festival, despite lawyers representing Picturehouse threatening “any employee taking part in [the] strikes [to be likely] … dismissed.” 

The London living wage is currently at £9.75 an hour, enough for workers and their families in London to afford the essentials and save. However, on its website, Picturehouse says “front-of-house staff […] are paid £9.30 per hour, equivalent to £9.92 per hour when working an eight-hour shift, as we choose to pay for breaks.”

A central representative said “the next strike days will be between 5-7pm” and these will be taking place on the following dates: “6-8th, and 11-14th.”

Image: Taken by Aimee Gabay outside Picturehouse Central during the strike period