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Minimising food waste in the UK

Food waste in the UK

Earlier this year the food waste calamity hit headlines all over the country. As a consequence, business owners and individuals all came together to creatively tackle the problem.

Food waste was a largely escalating problem in the UK until large chain supermarkets like Sainsburys and Tescos began to take responsibility over the waste they were producing. Similarly, local business owners also began to put food waste at the forefront of their business models and students used their knack for saving money to benefit the cause.

Although my allocated role was originally to film the piece, I ended up researching and coming up with the entire project idea. I reached out to all the relevant interviewees and arranged the interviews plus collected all the footage (including the interview, vox pops, GVs and PTC), wrote the draft script and worked alongside other members of the team for the editing process. George was allocated the editing role, Charlie the final script which he did once I sent him the draft and Izzy the voiceovers and was the presenter for the PTC.