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Friday week 4 live show – social media editor

When I first arrived at the newsroom Friday morning I checked the social media channels for any notifications that needed attending and to analyse the analytics from the day before. In the previous 7 days our page views had gone up 1,250%, got 18 page likes, and reached 182 people. We had 55 engagements and gained 18 page followers. 

Throughout the meeting I took behind-the-scenes photos to post on the different channels. This one was posted on Facebook:

It was the post that received the greatest feedback and engagement:

Throughout the day post relating to the stories we planned to discuss that day on the show was posted on both Twitter and Instagram. 

Just before the show went live this was posted on Instagram:

It was captioned: “Today’s radio show is LIVE at 3:00 PM! Will you tune in? We’ve got some interesting and important stories coming up #LondonNews #Radio

A similar post was shared on Twitter with a countdown and the link to the show.