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Thursday week 5 live show – social media editor

Throughout the week I analysed the analytics and content on our social media pages and found that the posts that got the most engagement was the behind the scene pictures of our team in the studio preparing for the show. Our best tweet was the Pret allergy scandal sneak preview of the reporters out on the street filming and that was probably because of the hashtags. Our second best Twitter post was the video of the presenters on the sofa and I feel like more video content should definitely be something I use more of next week as these got a lot of focus. On Facebook and Instagram I found a similar theme of behind the scenes team photos getting better reception than the actual links to content on the website, etc. 

I scheduled posts to go out throughout the duration of the week in the lead up to todays show with a mixture of links to the website and also behind the scenes shots of the reporters filming their VTs. One in particular which was this one on National Curry Week:

We got quite a great response and the restaurant owner asked us for a link to feature the video on they page:

Another pre-scheduled post that came out before show day also got a lot of engagement:

In class on Monday I told the class I needed them to be more active in the social media part of the show and asked everyone to engage with the content more as they are all London students (our target audience) and therefore if they engage its more likely other London students will land on our pages. After that most people made a greater effort and also responded to my requests to send me content throughout the week of them filming. After that I felt a huge increase in our follower count and the amount of likes/retweets/shares we were getting after every post. 

On show day I made sure to post the content I knew would do well on our social media channels such as the behind the scenes images of our team and video content too. I spread it out throughout the day through all three channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There was a lot more engagement as a consequence of the constant social media coverage throughout the week and our classes engagement with the content so it meant I had a lot more comments to reply to and engage with also. 

I have also made a conscious effort to improve the quality of images posted on our Instagram page:

The last 7 images are the ones I’ve posted throughout my two weeks as social media editor so far. Good quality images are extremely important on a platform like Instagram which is so visual and photography focused.