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Friday week 8 live show – social media editor

This day I once again took on the role of social media editor when I was supposed to be the assistant as Izzy didn't come to class again. However I was given a different job than usual which is to create a social media piece for the live show where

Thursday week 8 live show – VFX production*

Students will be required to submit a critical explication of a video or radio show (up to 1,000 words). This is your chance to reflect on the show and the quality of the content. Consider the show’s news values, style, aims and different broadcast platforms. You will need to choose

Friday week 7 live show – social media editor

This week I was supposed to be social media assistant but the actual editor Izzy wasn't in class so I took on her role instead. She hadn't been posting throughout reading week or ahead of the live show so we had lost two followers and our reach and engagements had

Thursday week 7 live show – VFX production

My first responsibility today was to ensure all VT packages and other media were moved from Dropbox into the broadcasting system with the same running order name in Inception. This was fairly simple except loads of VT groups did not have their VT's ready in time and the ones that