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Thursday week 7 live show – VFX production

My first responsibility today was to ensure all VT packages and other media were moved from Dropbox into the broadcasting system with the same running order name in Inception. This was fairly simple except loads of VT groups did not have their VT’s ready in time and the ones that did put their videos, many without recognisable names, into the main Dropbox page and not into the designated folder. 

The creation of the titles and credits was difficult because no one seemed to know where the prepared one was. The previous VFX producer directed me to a folder where I had to create them practically from scratch. I thought this was quite strange so I emailed Steph from production at LSBU to help me out for the following week so I wouldn’t have to repeat that process or make anyone else in the weeks after. 

Turns out there was technical difficulties so the show didn’t happen and I didn’t get to practice the actual DaVinci side of things in a live show setting ahead of assessment week. However, I set up a meeting with Steph to organise everything ahead of next week.