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Thursday week 10 live show – news editor

This week was a particularly challenging week as the live show followed a particular theme. It was centred around a Journalism Futures theme. In the morning briefing I suggested topics for each group along with suggestions on how they could execute the piece. I also made sure to inform those who didn’t attend class (which was quite a lot this week) ideas for their groups and suggestions for them too, including who they could interview and what to film. Unfortunately, not many took on these suggestions I found when we reached show day Thursday. On Thursday’s morning meeting I had to make the editorial decision to drop a VT and put deadlines on some people who still hadn’t finished their packages. For the rest of the day I made sure everyone was producing their work and were confident in their roles. Sadly I had a really bad stomach pain that was ruining my ability to focus but I still pulled through and made sure everything was running smoothly. I put everything in Inception and did everything I had to do. Unfortunately just before air I had to leave because the pain got too much.