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Thursday week 9 live show – news editor

For my first week as news editor I made sure to press on many of the issues or areas that could be improved from previous weeks. I made sure to attend Monday’s meeting with a number of story ideas I thought would be relevant to our audience and show incase other members of the class turned up with none which was a common occurrence. I made sure to remind them to move away from LSBU and film in more interesting vibrant locations and assisted them with the planning and editorial process of their VTs. Following the meeting I created a slack group with all the editors of each VT group to follow up on stories and ensure they were produced on time. I then lead the Thursday editorial meeting and everything went smoothly. I put everything on Inception and made sure everyone else inputed their part too. I also sat with Jessie to watch all the VTs. The rest of the day I spent following up on everyone to ensure they were happy and confident in their roles and producing the work they needed to. We were ready early and were able to do a run through. That’s when we discovered audio issues on the desk and these needed to be dealt with fast. Before the run through I also went through the entire script with Oscar to ensure everything was done well.