Underbelly Festival: Hit or miss?

Underbelly Festival

As summer comes to an end so does the Underbelly Festival which brought many Londoners to the Southbank.

As I approached the festival I was full of hope that somehow the place only seemed to be empty and that there were tables filled with people right around the corner. However, what I found as I got deeper into the venue was that it’s just as empty as I originally suspected. The prices for food and beverages might have had something to do with it (with a beer costing upwards of £5 and a simple burger robbing you of £7) or it could simply be the case that I approached this festival at 3 p.m. on a Thursday. This did not take away from the peaceful atmosphere and the availably of seats due to the calm nature of the venue.

As I looked to find out what else may bring people to this festival besides the food and seating, I found out that there are daily shows performed in the evening for most ages to enjoy. One of these shows was a burlesque performance by name of “The Roaring Twenties Revue” which according to one of the barmen brought in a lot of people from across London.

Location: 30 The Queen’s Walk

Price: free (excluding performances)