Analytics in the Newsroom


The world of journalism now relies very heavily on analytics. From views per post to the type of tech used to view these news, journalism is becoming a game of numbers.

When you read an article, the website or news organisation that is hosting this article will usually track your activity on their site.Some of the activity that is tracked includes how long a person spends on a certain page and if they read the whole article/watch the whole video. This enables them to know which posts do better with the public, and so improves the overall content. 

Journalists are always in a bubble where they know the analytics and the level of interaction the general public has with the articles.

However it is important to point out that the editor has the final say no matter what the numbers look like. This means that it is up to the individual person as to what goes to the front page and what simply gets put to the side. This level of professional input ensures that only the useful and important posts make the front page; all of the other articles, which may bring in more traffic due to click-bait, can be left behind.