Cycle Superhighway Route 4: Consultation Leaves People In Disagreement

Cycle superhighway in London

Plans for a cycle superhighway in south-east London have been in the works since September,  but does the public want it?

Public consultation was opened by Transport for London following a proposal by Mayor Sadiq Khan for a new Superhighway between Tower Bridge and Greenwich. This consultation includes detailed plans for the works that are set to go into motion. 

Will Norman, Walking and Cycling Commissioner for London, received a letter about the proposed Superhighway from the public. In the letter to Mr Norman part of the argument against the CS4 lays on the way roads will be affected:

The modelling of the proposals show concerning changes to travel patterns…with the local highway network taking displaced traffic from both the TLRN and SRN (A200).

Southwark Cyclists, who also represent the London Cycling Campaign gave some insight on what they thought about the proposed changes :

(We) are more than a little surprised and disappointed about that letter to Will Norman saying Southwark are opposed to CS4. People need to understand about traffic evaporation – traffic is not simply displaced – it evaporates.

The consultation finished on the 19th November, and the final decision on if the CS4 will go forward has not yet been made.