The US election debate: Trump says he is the least racist in a room while Biden wants zero emissions

American presidential candidates clashed over the fight against coronavirus and climate change as the last US election debate took place at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Trump said that since president Abraham Lincoln, nobody has done what he has done for the black community. “I am the least racist person in this room.”

Biden explained understanding of institutional racism and hardships black families have to cope with and said no one should go to jail for drug usage, they should be given treatment instead.

During the debate, Trump mentioned Biden´s years of the vice presidency (2009-2017) and their poor job as a reason for his candidacy. Trump said: “It is all talk, no action.”  

They clashed over coronavirus shutdown. “We cannot lock up in a basement as Joe does,” said Trump. He said that 99,9% of young people recover, therefore they cannot close the nation.

“This is the same fellow that told you this is going to end by Easter,” said Biden, he would support shutdown if scientists say it. Trump said that New York, governed by democrat Andrew Cuomo, is a ´ghost town´ with dying businesses. “Take a look at New York and see what has happened to my wonderful city.” He is worried about people losing jobs and committing suicides.

Trump accused China of being responsible for the virus and said the vaccine is coming by the end of the year. He explained the number of cases by the quality of testing. “We have the best testing, that’s why we have so many cases.” The president claimed he is now immune and that he received congratulations from the world for handling the virus.

Biden said: “Anyone responsible for that many deaths should not remain a president of the USA.“ Pointing to 220,000 Americans dead and saying they are about to lose another 200,000 lives.

Both debaters had muted mics for the first two minutes of each segment. They did not talk through each other as in the first debate. The evening lasted 90 minutes and covered five topics: Fighting Covid-19, National security, American families, Race in America, and Climate change.

The debate was led by NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker and held on the 22nd of October. The election takes place on the 3rd of November.

The debate between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden was intense and full of disagreements from candidates.

In the climate change discussion, Trump said they have the cleanest water, air, and best carbon emissions in 35 years while not destroying the industry. Biden wants zero emissions. He would stop giving oil industries federal subsidies and create millions of well-paid jobs in, to name just a few, solar and wind energy while making the environment cleaner. He backed his plans by environmental and labour groups.

The presidential candidates clashed and accused each other of making money in foreign countries. Both backed themselves and did not admit any foreign income.

Trump said Biden as vice president handed Ukraine to Russia. The president denied any connections with Russia saying there is nobody tougher on Russia than he is. “While he was selling pillows and sheets, I sold tank busters to Ukraine.”

When asked about Russia and Iran working to influence the election, Biden said: “Any country that interferes American election will pay a price…They are interfering with American sovereignty.”

The moderator asked about their attitude to North Korea and their development of a nuclear arsenal. Biden sees North Korea as a problem. He wants to control them so they cannot hurt the US. He would meet Kim Jong Un only when his country becomes a nuclear-free zone. He said Trump just talks about him as ´his good buddy´. Trump answered: “Having a good relationship with people from different countries is a good thing.”

Biden brought up tax returns and accused the president of doing business in China. He asked Trump to show what he is hiding. Trump said Dems spent $48 million to find something in his tax returns and found nothing.

Trump wants to terminate Obamacare and have much better healthcare. Biden assured voters they would reduce drug prices and said Trump has caused millions of people to lose their insurance.

Trump thinks success is going to bring Americans together. Biden wants to choose science over fiction and hope over fear. Biden closed the debate with these words: “Character, decency, honour, respect, and dignity are on the ballot.”