Notes from listening to packages

These are my notes I was writing right when I was listening to the audio packages

  1. Rashford
    1. background music, natural sound
    2. short answers
    3. eyewitnesses interviews – involved people
    4. the person working with food is naming food available
    5. Chloe greeted people and then spoke
    6. expert – Steve from the Treasury
  2. Apprenticeships
    1. Start with the interviewee speaking
    2. natural sound
    3. longer answers
    4. a continuing story of Ruth
    5. closing it
  3. Sprouts
    1. Starts with: Let´s get into the mood
    2. songs in the background – used repetitively
    3. speaks to the same person he did 4 months ago – longer answer
    4. Virologist Naomi Forest Dasoto – expert – Christmas and virus spread, explains the issue and possible consequence briefly
    5. “it makes me sad” – emotions
  4. Vaccine
    1. starts with the narrator’s voice and then goes to a bunch of people
    2. used questions of doubt from listeners
    3. expert defends and answers Qs
    4. sums up what the expert said
  5. Fast fashion
    1. eyewitnesses – accent – speak about their situation – 2 factory workers (females)
    2. an expert from Labour behind the label
    3. 9 different voices

Common features:

Interviews take most of the time

natural background voice while people speak

A narrator introduces everybody

Expert gives a credibility