Rueters Digital Report 2018

The most significant development in the executive summary (Reuters Digital report 2018), seems to be the “many media companies shifting models towards higher quality content”. Here are extract to support this statement.

10 – The use of social media for news has started to fall in a number of years of continuos growth. Almost all of this is due to a specific decline in the discovery,posting, and sharing of news in face book

At the same time, we continue to see a rise int he use of messages apps for news as consumers look for more private ( and less confrontational) spaces to communicate.

33 – Concerns about the quality of information that emerged in our data last year seem to have solidified now across our 37 countries. Looking back, we can see that disillusion with Facebook set in as early as 2016 while this years focus groups show heightened worries about privacy, heated conversation and unreliable news.

12 – It should be noted that our polling was conducted (mostly) before the implementation of a much publicised Facebook algorithm change in 2018.

13 – Whats app does not currently make it easy to distribute news or engage directly with user but a number of media organisation in Latin America have been experimenting.