Southwark’s Councillors scrutinise attempts in reducing health inequalities


Strategising a healthier borough, the council are following through with it’s manifesto’s promises implementing significant developments such as introducing free swim and gym for its residents.

Sticking to their manifesto claim that it’s reducing health inequalities. Councillors on the Healthy Communities Scrutiny commission met last week to scrutinise any Health inequalities in southwark. To further ensure everyone in Southwark has access and is included in sports & leisure centres, parks & other facilities regardless of their Age, Gender, Race, religion. 

In Labour manifesto, Southwark leader Peter John said “We have done all of this while the Conservatives & Liberal Democrats in Government have slashed the council’s budget and made it harder to deliver services” .

Data sets and the way they are collected was a re-occurring topic at the meeting. Throughout Cllr. Gavin Edwards raised the importance of reaching economically deprived residents and best defining health inequalities.

Key Findings Healthy Communities Scrutiny commission aligning with the Manifesto

  • Participation in silver (60+) sessions have been so successful additional classes have been scheduled to accommodate demand.
  • Award-winning “Beat the street” project decreased inactivity by 8 percent.
  • “We want to build up seven island Leisure centre” – Sarah Dean, Southwark council’s Director of Leisure
  •  Southwark council have won awards for Green flag parks, with Southwark park contributing to the borough’s greener environment.
  • “The was no athletics club in the borough. Officers helped set up a club developing activities in Dulwich and the moved to Southwark park once the athletics track was set up” .

The council’s efforts seem to succeed.