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News is being snapped up online, let’s see how.

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And the observation begins…

Monday to Friday last week (22/10), I followed The Telegraph on Snapchat. As the mobile phone’s influence revolutionises the news industry.  I noticed The Telegraph implementing ads into the snapchat feeds. Also I learnt younger people tend to use Snapchat more than their elders. Here they are mixing pop culture with domestic politics and also global stories found in the mainstream media.



“A disease from the middle age is back for under 30s”.

The nature of this article could be why The telegraph have published it on Snapchat, aiming for a audience under 30 to whom it may appeal.



Tuesday follows the global story of the murdered journalist.



On Wednesday we saw a story about a businessman trying to cover up his sexual harassment.



On Thursday we saw another post specifically aimed at young people, like Monday’s story this one was also about a disease. To raise awareness on sexual health.


On Friday The Telegraph mention Sir Phillip Green’s involvement in the ‘MeToo scandal’. This is relevant to a younger audience as they are the future employees of senior staff, some who have been caught exploiting their positions of power in dreadful ways.
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