Portrait of Reconciliation

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Flag of Rwanda

The Rwandan genocide of the early 1990s was deeply disturbing. This article portrays the forgiveness and unity of those scared from the war.


In this photo the perpetrator has killed her father and three brothers. Based on the nature of the story I could imagine the murderer feeling severe guilt and the victim feeling grief, loss and sadness.


The picture portrays the perpetrators guilt and the victims forgiveness. The perpetrator has his back turned to the victim showing he is ashamed he cant even face her. A strong sign of the victim’s forgiveness is her hand which she has placed on his back. This moment of forgiveness captures the capacity of human tolerance and the metamorphosis of a broken heart. It is as if she senses his guilt and is trying to comfort him in this moment, interesting as neither are smiling. This shows the tension between them magnified by the victim intense stare straight through the lens of the camera.