What I liked about this by the NYT profile

Source: Pixabay

Being concerned with the science of social deprivation this article was up my street. The realism in these shared experiences expose society’s vulnerabilities showing a thin line between being homed and homeless. The defining factors of their homelessness aren’t exclusive to New York City, where the article was conceived.

The themes in this dilemma are consistent world wide. Wether it’s Jose’s troubled childhood, Dawn’s crooked landlord, Heather’s abusive husband, Jason & Manuel’s alcohol addictions or John’s mental health. 

Homelessness Graph

Visually, what I find Impactful is the use of the black & white in this bold photography. The darkness is strong in Jason, John & Dawn’s photos. It reminds me of a sadly beautiful American documentary on homelessness also shot in black & white called “dark days”. 


This is a really interesting article i suggest you give it a read and look at the photography!

See the article in the link below.