Review: Arch climbing’s Bermondsey bouldering Building one

The reach bauldering
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It’s great to implement new activities into your life and workout. We got the puns out reaching for oddly shaped plastic rocks at Arch climbing: Building one in Bermondsey to give it a try for the first time and let you know how it went. Please note Arch climbing have 3 gyms this article touches on an introduction session in Burnt oak but is mainly focused on their Bermondsey centre, Building One.


Building one

Building one is a huge facility with lots to do, your not going to solve every problem easily, the design team modify and make new routes keeping it fresh. The range of difficulty will from challenge beginner or pro, each gym has their own colour code in which difficulty of a route can be identified by it’s colour. Overall the sport is challenging. The rough grips that are your boulder will form calluses on your hands, your arms will get tired. If you want it to be this activity can be a great work out! Climbing is a cunning technique, I learnt the hard way to think steps head of the action. 

Building one has traverse walls. Near the entrance of you will find a tall wooden Canvas ideal for training, this will help improve your agility and grip strength. There’s a warm up area with pull up bars, Gym rings, hanging grips, finger hanging boards. This area will help you develop your strength improving your climbing abilities.

A real valuable and cool feature of Arch climbing’s centres is the free improver sessions they host at there centres. All you have to do you take part is be there,  at no extra charge, no this isn’t an exclusive ‘members only’ perc!

Safety first

If you’ve been to a climbing gym less than five times you’ll have to visit Arch climbing’s north centre in Burnt oak for a safety induction. While some climbing gyms offer a health and safety video free of charge instead, the Arch insist your travel to their less busy centre to pay for a very basic tutorial. I purchased a one hour introduction session for £10 on Groupon this, includes a free day pass that can be used in any of their gyms. the standard price for the induction lesson which is £20. After the introduction i was free to stay until close. The climbing shoes given to me where too tight, the lady told me she “thought I wasn’t doing it properly”. As if she knew but she didn’t, so since at Building One in Bermondsey I been asking for size 14.


After the session I received a voucher for two £25 MONTHLY PASSES (WORTH £55) one for me and the other for a friend.


The Arch climbing

Tower Bridge Business Centre, 121 Drummond Rd


London SE16 2JY

Phone: 020 7237 4418

Hire shoes: £3

Single peak: 11.50

Single Off peak: £8.50

Monthly: £55

10 day passes (use any time) : £85



Parking, Bicycle parking

Changing Facilities and Lockers