Citizen Journalism

Citizen by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

The arrival of social media apps like Snap chat, Instagram and Twitter solidified a platform for the public to publish experiences and opinions of their own and others round them hence the given term, ‘citizen journalist’. 

An arising issue with citizen’s journalism is that there’s a chance their content will be inaccurate, wether it be due to the citizens in experience or if it was deliberate.

You can imagine the gatekeeping power of news organisations weakening with the competitive and immediate delivery of a citizen’s broadcast.

Traditionally in the news environment a journalist’s work is re touched by editors, also these journalists are working in accordance with some type of regulation, be it their own organisation code, ipso, Impress or Ofcom.

One advantage traditional journalists have is the resourcefulness and reputation of the companies they work for which can land more leads interviews, sources data and so on.