The changes in the way news is being gathered

Mobile news gathering The reach article
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The internet, Social media and mobile phone usage has changed the way news is being gathered.

The audience’s increase in mobile usage led to Social media platforms reshaping the way in which news is disseminated. When Newspapers found it harder to get paid from print they started moving online capturing shorter attention spans with a less traditional style of formatting.

Reuters Data Chart showing the device usage for news at the reach article
Reuters Data Chart showing the device usage for news


Today stories published on mobile platforms tend to consist of less words. Also on apps like snapchat and Instagram stories by nature of the apps tend to a be a lot more image focused.


The Telegraph use expand on their short formats by allowing the reader to swipe up and go to a longer article. This helps cross pollinate audiences of both website and app and gain new readers.

Find out more about how the Telegraph uses Snapchat in this post.


It’s not only a short attention span why stories are shrinking. I think small screens with squint provoking back lights might be demotivating for a mobile audience facing a longer reads.

Like music, TV and radio the competition facing news companies is increasing due to citizen journalism. The rise of public publications is shaping the landscape of Journalism.