Tube Union plan Central line strikes the weekend before Christmas

The tube union RMT, announced on Wednesday 21/11, that two actions of strikes will be taken by London Underground Central Line workers on Friday 21st December and Saturday 22nd December 2018. 

A press release published today by the union shows hours of striking action.

• 20:00 hours on Friday 21st December and 02:00 hours on Saturday 22nd December 2018
• 04:00 hours and 20:00 hours on Saturday 22nd December 2018

The Union have said that London Underground’s management have not done enough to solve disputes with members of staff.

The RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:“Tube bosses are well aware of the level of anger on the job and it’s down to the them to take the situation seriously and engage in genuine talks around reaching a solution to the current disputes.”

The RMT drive these as key reasons for the strike. Refusing to employ enough drivers, bullying staff, expecting their members to pick up the pieces when the service breaks down.