Creatives: The Reach meet Assey


Creativity in the spotlight

The Reach caught up with Assey, a very talented and skilled young artist in London. I met Assey outside her University where she is currently studying photography. We got talking and after she had shown an amazing jumper that on the back she had painted J cole, I knew she was a creative whose imagination I had to share…

When I asked Assey what inspired her she replied, “the beauty of the outcome”

The first picture Assey remembers creating was in Year 5, of a dress. After school she went to she her mother but her mum had ony go and told her it was shit.  She went to her room crying and ripped up all of her 12 dresses by hand. She confirmed to me that this was a pivotal moment pushing her at the time. I wanted to know more so she told me, “my mum is the one who taught me how to draw, she taught me whats math is and what art is and I love those things”. 

“I don’t mind if people write on my clothes”.

If I don’t like something about my clothes I change it myself” she said while unstitching a yellow circular patch from one of her denim shirts. After spending a couple hours with Assey I could it was becoming clear, if she didn’t like something she will modify it. I even noticed her friend’s white shoes which Assey had written a date upon to symbolise the summer time in black ink.


Assey learnt textiles while she was studying it for her A level. She had shown me unique three scrap multidimensional books that she produced in years 12 and 13. It was so creative, the way she had woven in all these different elements arabic coins that dangled of one page, I hadn’t seen anything like to of this caliber. Assey didn’t like the fact the pieces enclosed away in books, I don’t really either because I want more people to see them.  I hope one day each page is turned into a piece at an exhibition, or the books could be remade and bought. The three scrapbooks followed the theme of the West and East, typography and politics.




In my opinion her most prolific piece is in fact her favourite. Assey and mostly her mother sat down and lit the matches, then putting them out to leave the heads charred. She has had offers but wont sell it. It’s unfinished and still awaits Gold to cloth the face creating a burka.


“She is everything to me, everything I went through everything my mother went through everything every Arab girl has been going through”.

Assey art work HER MATCH STICK

I am truly grateful to Assey for being the first person out of the millions of creative, inspiring and refreshing people to be spot lighted on The Reach.