Guy’s and ST. Thomas’ Foundation receive generous donation

by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Foundation Trust received a donation of over £250,000 from the Nightingale Fellowship which will sustain their Nightingale Nurse Award scheme. The scheme just launched last year an it awards the most outstanding nurses and midwives. This happened on On Thursday 29/11.

President of The Nightingale Fellowship, Gillian M Prager, says: “The Nightingale Nurse title is highly regarded by the national and international nursing community, so it was very important to us that nurses and midwives providing outstanding care continue to be honoured with the title. 

Nurses who trained at the school and work at St. Thomas’ Hospital used to be known as ‘Nightingales’ and recognised by a blue badge that they wore. Florence Nightingale established her first nursing school at St. Thomas’ Hospital in 1859. She is famous for using statistics, she taught about sanitisation.