To grasp a stronger under standing of broadcast Journalism, I watched Channel 4 news on a Mondayight of 4, March 2019. You can watch shows here at BOB.

Runtime: 1 Hour

Channel 4 had ten stories and lead on knife crime, their top package VT was 3 minutes showed

Firstly the reporter gives additional information about the topic, then interviews Former met police councillor speaks about knife crime, the big problem he says is too many people carry knives and not enough people care. The reports then comments Theresa may says knife crimes rise is not linked to police funds being cut. there is a shot of the ups speaking in the commons then the reporter does a piece to camera.

Conservative transport minister grayling

Grayling no – show for Brexit ferries question

Chris grayling doesn’t show up to commons for Brexit meeting, recently uk paid 33m in compensation to eurotunnel, 

every generation claims gang crime is new

Author, rapper, Akala interview about gang crime not being a new problem as claimed by press, when it occurs in different areas. Akala says some youths are violent generation after generation because of things like domestic abuse and poverty.

Ted baker exec resigned of sexual harrassment charges

Jeremy hunt discuses maps process says it the first Yemen cease fire, Jon snow put him in his lace and says but you sold weapons to Saudi Arabia in the first place.